Meet Quilting Maggie

Portrait of Machteld Hauwert of Quilting Maggie

Bring some colour into your life! I'm so happy to introduce you to Machteld of Quilting Maggie whose colourful designs contain the warmth and sunshine of both her native Netherlands and her current home in Spain.

Machteld began working on her quilted jacket pattern, the Maggie Jacket, last year using an interchangeable patchwork block. And I couldn't say no to her when she asked me to collaborate and design a patchwork block specially for the jacket!

She's such a warm and sunny person too and I really wanted you to get to know her too! 

What is the first quilt you ever made?

My first ever made quilt was a scrappy blanket made of random Hawaiian fabrics, I felt the urge to sew them up and did a very bad job at quilting the blanket! The blanket turned out ugly, but very cute! The next quilts were made following the patchwork rules...

What drew you to quilting?
Quilting makes me feel good, because it's all about fabrics, shapes and colours. It makes me fantasize about hundreds of different ways of combining colours, fabrics and shapes, sometimes I can't stop thinking about patchwork! I can not explain it any other way than that it's an urge, it makes me happy and when quilting I feel excited and relaxed at the same time!

Have you always sewed?

I've been sewing from the age of six years, as soon as my mom let me on the sewing machine. I made Barbie clothes and little dolls, and have not stopped sewing since.

What's your favourite thing about quilting and patchwork?

I love the complete process, but my favourite thing is to design the quilt, choosing the shapes and colors, and see how a new design comes alive.

And do you have a favourite fabric line?

My favourite fabrics are from Rifle Paper co. and Ruby Star Society because of the vibrant colors and happy prints, but lately I have discovered Essex Linen, which gives a more natural vibe when mixing it with modern printed fabrics!

Where do you sew?

My dining room table is converted into a sewing room each time I sew!

Originally you're from the Netherlands, have any Dutch patchwork traditions influenced your quilting?

The Dutch patchwork traditions are always in the back of my mind when patchworking. I love the simple classic shapes and colors that inspire me to look for simplification in clean and modern designs.

How long have you lived in Madrid? Is it a good place for quilts in the wild shots?

I have lived in Madrid since the year 2000, and the quilting started in Madrid! The best thing about quilts and Madrid is the good weather and the fantastic light to make quilt pictures! I'm having many ideas for quilts in the wild shots in Madrid!!

What do you do when you're not quilting?

I'm spending time with my hubby and daughter, or doing yoga exercises to take care of my back and neck (very important for quilters)!


Why did you decide to design a jacket pattern?

When looking for a Jacket pattern I was not finding the relaxed shape with a curvy neckline and relaxed sleeves, so I decided to draw my own pattern. I was blown away with the positive feedback on IG for my jacket, and the request to turn my jacket into a pattern! So in the last weeks I have been very busy with the development of the pattern and the instructions!

And why did you decide to design it with an interchangeable block?

The idea to design a Quilted Jacket with an interchangeable block was born when I made the jacket myself, not thinking about developing a pattern yet. The jacket needed finished blocks and I had ready made blocks! Now I'm very happy it turned out that way, since the jacket does not need any vintage quilt to make it from! Using the Maggie Block designed by the Hackney Quilter is a less wasteful way to make a quilted jacket!!

Why did you choose The Hackney Quilter (that's me!) to design a block?

From the very first moment I've seen your work on IG I loved the clean, modern vibe and was completely convinced I wanted you to design my block! I'm so happy to do this collaboration with you Anna!!!

Do you have any tips for making a quilted jacket?

My tip would be, before making a quilted jacket, keep in mind that you will wear it and it will be part of your wardrobe! When choosing the fabrics, take a look in the mirror with the fabrics on your shoulder, to see if they suit you,  just like trying on a garment!

The Maggie Jacket pattern will be available on May 6th 2022 from Quilting Maggie.

And you can get the Maggie Block pattern FREE - just click here!

The maggie block Free patchwork pattern
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