Meet the Nordmann Quilt Pattern Testers

Meet the Nordmann Quilt Pattern Testers

Looking for some colour inspiration for your Nordmann Quilt? Look no further!

Scroll down to see all the beautiful ways the Nordmann pattern testers interpreted the design and their favourite thing about making the quilt.

a multi coloured large quilt featuring trees displayed in a forest

a throw size quilt featuring green trees displayed in a field

a pastel yellow baby quilt featuring pastel blue trees displayed against a wall

a pastel pink large quilt top featuring diagonal stripes  multi coloured pastel trees hanging on a washing line tees

a scrappy quilt featuring trees in autumnal colours laid out on a floor

a hand quilted baby quilt featuring pale blue trees on a charcoal grey background displayed outdoors

A young woman holding a baby sized quilt top featuring green christmas trees

a large quilt top in navy blue featuring multi coloured trees displayed in a garden

a baby sized quilt top made with hand dyed linen an featuring blue and red trees with floral toppers

a machine quilted throw size quilt top featuring ombre rows of pink trees displayed outdoors

a baby sizes navy quilt top featuring red christmas trees laid out on a lawn

A pastel green baby sized quilt top featuring pink and green christmas trees displayed against a stone wall

a baby sized quilt top featuring turquoise fir trees with link toppers against a gold printed ground



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