Meet the Skandi Star Quilt Pattern Testers



I want to introduce to you the best bunch of pattern testers I could ask for! I had an incredible response to the call for testers, I feel so grateful to each and everyone who showed their support. I'm only sad I couldn't fit you all in the group.

And now it's time to see the amazing quilts. Interestingly all the testers were drawn to making the full ten colour version and nobody made the three colour option. Go figure! But as you see from the quilts below that there is endless variety to be found in the three colour version, from soft wovens and neutrals to bright prints and optical illusion solids. 

Time to meet them and their quilts and fins out what they thought about the Skandi Star Quilt pattern!

Amanda @thequiltsmith

I'm always excited to see Amanda's fabric choices and she didn't disappoint! In fact Charla from Treehouse Quilting Co fell so in love with this version that she's stocking a kit for it in her shop!

Amanda says: I absolutely adore this pattern. The marriage of these two traditional blocks creates a bold, modern design. I love the intricacy that the log cabin blocks give the larger star. Anna provides a beautiful canvas to explore with color and space in quilting.



Jeanette says: The pattern is not only well written, but the layout is pleasing to the eye as well. The Skandi Star is a stunning and versatile design that I look forward to making again!


About Denise: I have been quilting for just over 2 years, during which time I have made 114 quilts. Quilting helps me maintain a work life balance as it gives me something pleasurable and purposeful to do with my spare time.

Denise says: This is a gorgeous pattern with a variety of options for colour, construction method and size. It will certainly appeal to quilters of all levels.  I feel that it gave me an opportunity to really think about colour; and I made a few switches from my original fabric pull until I was pleased with it.  

Anna @lockdownquilts

About Anna: I completed my first patchwork quilt, from a kit, in 2020 during the start of the pandemic. My lockdown experience was one of extreme isolation. I started making quilts as gifts for friends and family and I haven't stopped sewing since. It has been an amazing creative outlet for me, helping me process many of the losses I experienced and creating bespoke gifts that bring joy to people in my life.

Anna says: I've enjoyed testing this pattern so much and I love the design. The pattern was really easy to follow. It was my first time making a log cabin block and once I'd done a test block and got into the rhythm of log cabin blocks, the quilt top was quick and easy to assemble. I used the add & trim method which was great for using fabric from my stash for a scrappy version. It feels like a very addictive pattern to make and I keep thinking of loads of different combinations of colours I'd like to try.


About Zeiba: I started quilting in 2021 after years of making bags and haven’t looked back since. I love looking at vintage quilts but I love making modern quilts. 

Zeiba says: I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt. I loved how one minute I was chain piecing my blocks and then boum! the next, my quilt had come together. I would say from a maker’s perspective, there was something very soothing about the whole process. And of course the design is gorgeous which makes the whole creative process so enjoyable. I loved how Anna used a text book traditional pattern to create such a modern look. My version is the baby size and was inspired by the beautiful colours of the aurora borealis.


Erendira says: I absolutely loved getting to test this and I love how it turned out!


Machteld @Quiltingmaggie

Meet Machteld: I have been quilting starting with making quilts for my daughter before she was born. Since than I'm addicted to quilting, and since one year I've been developing quilt patterns and a quilt jacket pattern as well.

Machteld says: I'd loved testing the Skandistar pattern! It is very easy to make and super easy to follow the instructions. What I love the most about this pattern is that it is stash friendly, so all my favorite colors are included in the Skandistar Quilt. You don't need much of each color!


About Maxine: I live in London England with my twin daughters and husband. Although I have been quilting since spring 2021, I had been buying quilting equipment for a few years before then. I consider myself a beginner quilter, but as I have recently tackled curves I may promote myself to a confident beginner. I enjoy aspects of the quilting process with basting being my favorite, saying that, the largest quilt I have basted is a throw size!

Maxine says: The pattern was all clearly laid out. It meant I instinctively knew where I was after sewing each round. I have never made a log cabin before and my block was bang on!


About Hannah: I discovered quilting about 8 years ago, but the last couple of years have seen me become totally addicted and rarely a day goes by that I don’t sew. I Love traditional blocks with a fresh modern twist. I live in Sheffield on the edge of the beautiful Peak district with my 3 children and border terrier. My husband serves in the Army so we often spend long periods of time apart, which is tough, but also means I have more time for sewing!  I love running hence the name of my little business ‘Stitch and Run’. I make Memory quilts and have started teaching beginners quilting.

Hannah says: I have never made a Log Cabin quilt before but I really enjoyed the meditative process of it. A lovely simple process of chain piecing the same block, just what I needed. The top came together in no time.


Marie-Claude used some beautiful Sprout Wovens for her Skandi Star Quilt. Love it? She has kits for this warm toned version as well as a beautiful cool toned bundle in her Canadian fabric store.

Marie-Claude says: I loved making this quilt!  The end result is really fun and the possibilities to play with colors are endless.

About Sonja: I am from Austria and until 3 years ago I used my sewing machine only for making garments. I wanted to learn something new, so I started to learn how to quilt and haven't stopped since then. What fascinates me most about quilting: cutting fabrics and arranging them in a complete new way to create a unique piece of art.

Sonja says: I absolutely enjoyed every step of it. It was my first Log Cabin block quilt ever - and for sure not my last one. What I love about the pattern: it is actually it's simplicity which gives you so many options for choosing fabrics and quilting.


Linda says: Quilting is definitely my therapy. Finishing this quilt has brought me a lot of peace and happiness. I am dreaming of making a Christmas Skandi Star Quilt next.

Mary says:  This was such a fun pattern to make!


Rachel says: Truly addictive pattern!! I have so many more color schemes I want to sew up! I cannot wait to make another one!


About Tara: I am 27 years old, and I am a middle school math teacher in the city of Chicago! I casually started giving quilting a go in the Winter of 2019, although my maternal grandmother has been a quilter all my life! When the world changed in 2020 and I found myself with having more time at home, I really invested in teaching myself how to piece, quilt, bind, and do all the things! I clearly got hooked. As I continue to develop my quilting style, I am finding that I am definitely drawn to geometric patterns, bright colors and just quilts that give off happy vibes!

Tara says: This was definitely easy to use! I LOVE how many options there are for people to choose from, like so many they can’t go wrong! It is very easy to follow and straightforward in the way you wrote it.


About Kerry: I'm a quilter, longarm quilter and fabric rescuer living in Kent.

I've been making quilts for almost 11 years now and in my 3rd year of being a longarm quilter. I help to run the Great British Quilter Instagram account, am the current website editor for Region 2 of The Quilters Guild, am a proud Pfaff brand ambassador and product tester for Groves and an Aurifil Aritsan for 2022/23 which I’m over the moon about! I love to talk about quilting and share my passion to anyone who wants to listen so I'm very grateful to have these wonderful platforms. 

Kerry says: I really really love this pattern! It is really well written, the diagrams are very clear and easy to follow as are the written instructions. I think it’s very accessible which is excellent because many are not! The variety within it is excellent, you can make something different every time with minimal effort - such a great feature to make it a go to pattern!  


Charlotte says: Love it! I'm working on another one as it' so addictive!

Get the Skandi Star Quilt pattern HERE

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