Every quilt pattern designer will tell you that the tester parade is their favourite thing about launching a pattern. Seeing other people take something you have created, find pleasure in using it and in making it uniquely their own is a very rewarding feeling. And my Tor Quilt pattern testers have really done me proud. I may even have shed a little tear when the first work in progress picture showed up in my inbox!

My incredible testers come from all over: The UK, Canada and the US, Germany and even Australia! They range from seasoned quilters to absolute beginners. For a couple the Tor Quilt was their very first quilt!

Want to find out if the Tor Quilt pattern is for you? Read on to learn what makes these quilters tick and exactly what they thought about making the Tor Quilt pattern. 


tgracequilts customer review of the Tor Quilt pattern by The Hackney QuilterTori says: I loved having fabric labels! I loved that there were different layouts and construction techniques- made this a lot of fun! I loved this pattern! A beautiful, quick quilt with options!


Prairie and Ocean review of The Tor Quilt pattern by the hackney Quilter

About Janice: I started quilting after finishing my PhD as a way to fill all the free time I suddenly had. When I’m not working as a structural biologist, I can be found surrounded by fabric, playing board games with my husband, or going on adventures with my dog. 
Janice says: I found this pattern super easy to follow. The diagrams were all I needed to keep any confusion away. I really liked how you included so many different colour ways. I think one of the greatest thing a pattern can do is spark creativity. The Tor quilt was my stepping stone to playing with colour and thread in a way I had never done before. My version of the Tor quilt was an experiment that I wasn’t sure would turn out, but ended up being one of the projects I’m most proud of because I pushed myself out of my creative comfort zone. 

Always Cosy review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter

About Nadine: I'm a maker, quilter, tiny business owner and a leopard print obsessed all-round creative!

Nadine says: I absolutely love this pattern because it's quick, extremely easy and a great project to practice quilting. It's also a really aesthetic modern geometric quilt which can be made two ways and the pattern gives you everything you need! 5/5 for me! I will definitely be making a few of these in the near future!

Lucy Quilts  review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Lucy: I began quilting in Spring 2021 and fell in love fast, inspired by modern quilters who are reviving this art for the 21st century with clean lines and bright colour pallets. I also love learning about the rich history and stories behind quilting as an artform.  
Lucy says: It was really fun to make. I thought it was really easy to follow and the pieces were a lovely size to work with, it would make a great first quilt! 
Seams a little off review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
Sydnee says: It'll definitely become a quilt I make often! I found the diagrams very helpful as I am a visual learner.
Forever Young Quilting  review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Liz: I have been quilting for 30+ years. I have a Textile Arts Certificate from Capilano University and have worked with many textile processes but my passion remains quilting. I live in Vancouver on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. I am retired so am able to spend my time quilting, cycling and urban hiking.
Liz says: The instructions were easy to follow. I look forward to future patterns!
And So She Sews  review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
Amy says: I have REALLY enjoyed my first quilting experience and I think the Tor quilt has been perfect for this! It is easy to follow and the tips are helpful.
Knits Stitches and Blocks  review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Max: I live in London, England with my twin daughters and husband. Although I have been quilting since spring 2021 I have always enjoyed making things. After a huge clear out where I found around 15 pairs of old jeans, I thought I could make a denim quilt and so my quilting journey began. 
My dream would be to give up work and spend my days quilting, knitting and eating. By the way, I haven't even started on that denim quilt yet.
Max says: The pattern layout is clear, methodical and simple to understand and also not too wordy which I think is important for a beginner pattern. I also liked the tips because, as a beginner quilter you do not always have the experience to know what can help make a step easier or more successful. Like nesting seams... genius! The diagrams where also very clear and a good balance with written instructions.
Nisamckmaker  review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Denise: I came to quilting later in life and before lockdown. I am a 52 year old Primary School Teacher with 4 adult children. In 25 months of quilting I have made 100 quilts of different sizes.  I mostly follow patterns but have maybe made 12 quilts of my own design. I love solids, blenders and geometric prints! 
Denise says: This is an excellent choice for a first pattern or a beginner. More experienced quilters will love it as a 'go to' or quick gift make. I very much enjoyed making it and I will definitely make it again. I love big blocks and this quilt is perfect if you enjoy big blocks. The colour palette ideas were a lovely bonus and I took inspiration for my eventual palette from the ones that used variations of one colour
Thewindycityquilter review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Tara: I am 27 years old and a middle school math teacher in the city of Chicago. I casually started giving quilting a go in the Winter of 2019, although my maternal grandmother has been a quilter all my life! When the world changed in 2020 and I found myself with having more time at home, I really invested in teaching myself how to piece, quilt, bind, and do all the things! I clearly got hooked. As I continue to develop my quilting style, I am finding that I am definitely drawn to geometric patterns, bright colors and just quilts that give off happy vibes!
Tara says: What a great pattern! My favorite part about the Tor Quilt Pattern is its ability to be so adaptable. With so many options in sizing and color combinations, it is so easy to find beautiful ways to create it to fit your taste! I am so looking forward to seeing this pattern out in the world and seeing what everyone makes with it!
Apieceofk8te review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Katrin: my IG name is @aPieceofKate – I always put a piece of me into every quilt, bag or present I am creating. I am a self-taught quilter living in Berlin, Germany. Recently, I started to put pictures of my things created for others to see on my IG account and I am thinking of branching out and giving clothes making a go…may be a quilt jacket with a mini Tor quilt pattern on the back? 
Katrin says: The cut-out labels provided with the pattern were really helpful. I have had lots of fun seeing it come to life and also I loved the exchange via the IG testing group .
Tshari says: I thought the instructions were brilliant. I really really really enjoyed making this pattern. Honestly it has become a new favourite, such an amazing pattern! So incredibly easy from start to finish. It’s the perfect beginner pattern - so easy, yet so effective! 
Quiltykersten review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
Kersten says:  I found the Tor Quilt pattern really straightforward and easy to follow. I love that it is possible to complete the top in a day, so it would easily we a weekend project start to finish.
Technicolour_living review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
Jo says: This was my first time making a quilt and the instructions were easy to follow. I thought the pattern was original and liked the way there were several different options. Thank you for making my first quilting experience so enjoyable!
Madisonrosequiltingco review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
About Amber:  I started making baby quilts when my nieces and nephews were born 20 years ago. Since having my own family it has been a great creative outlet for me. I started Madison Rose Quilting Co in 2021 to spend more time with my family.
Amber says: What a fun quilt to make!  I love how you incorporated tips along the way. The font was easy to read and very organized! 
Quiltylass review of The Tor Quilt Pattern by the Hackney Quilter
Margaret says: It's a lovely pattern, really quite quick and easy and very effective!
The Tor Quilt pattern is available here.
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