The Shape Up Collaboration - A Love Letter to Quilting Community

three white women holding modern quilts

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Quilting isn't just about mastering techniques; it's a journey of self-discovery and creative expression and I've found it's a journey made all the richer by having a supportive community by your side.

Claire (Made Just Sew) and Kathleen (Cowden Quilt School) and I met through Instagram, bonded through pattern testing and Zoom calls during lockdowns and have been supporting each another ever since. It was on an trip to The Festival of Quilts that the Shape Up collaboration was born: together we wanted to support modern quilters everywhere to try new techniques and grow in creative confidence, just as we had supported each other. What if we combined our collective knowledge and unique design skills to create a bundle of quilt patterns that would cater to new and experienced quilters alike? 


 four women quilters at the festival of quilts 2023

Together again at the Festival of Quilts in 2023 L-R: Kathleen (Cowden Quilt School), Hannah (StitchnRun - with special thanks for the photographs and the patience), Anna (The Hackney Quilter) and Claire (Made Just Sew)

And here we are, presenting you with a bundle of quilt patterns that embodies the spirit of collaboration, encouragement, and creative growth. Our aim is to inspire new quilters to take up this fantastic hobby, and we firmly believe that quilting isn't just about creating beautiful designs; it's also about nurturing your mental health and boosting your confidence.

We're thrilled to be able to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to dive into the world of quilting with confidence. Our patterns are designed to be beginner-friendly, ensuring that everyone can embark on their quilting journey without hesitation.

So, whether you're a new quilter ready to take the plunge or a seasoned pro looking to expand your skills, we hope our story and patterns inspire you to create with joy and confidence. After all, in the world of quilting, there's no limit to what you can create when you have the support of a wonderful community behind you.

So what's in the Shape Up bundle?


a white woman holding a green quilt with triangles on it

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Airspace Quilt by Cowden Quilt School

Flying geese are a fundamental quilt block that often appear in various quilt patterns. Learning to piece these triangular units together not only opens the door to countless design possibilities but also hones your accuracy and precision.

With the Airspace Quilt, new quilters can confidently tackle flying geese, understanding the intricacies of piecing them together with ease. The satisfaction of creating these sharp and elegant shapes will make it a skill you'll cherish throughout your quilting journey.

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a white woman holding a green quilt with circles on it

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New Moon Quilt by The Hackney Quilter

Curves in quilting might seem intimidating at first, but we're here to show that they're not as daunting as they appear! Curved piecing adds a unique dimension to your quilt designs, allowing you to create beautiful arcs and circles. It's like learning a dance – once you get the rhythm, you'll be unstoppable!

The New Moon quilt pattern by Anna of The Hackney Quilter (yours truly!) provides step-by-step guidance, complete with helpful tips and tricks to make curved piecing a breeze. As you conquer curves, you'll build not only your quilting skills but also your confidence in trying new and exciting design elements.

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a white woman holding a pink quilt

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Collider Quilt by Made Just Sew

Half rectangle triangles are like puzzle pieces that fit together to create intriguing patterns. While they may seem like a puzzle at first, mastering them introduces you to the world of geometric designs, where every piece fits perfectly into place.

The Collider quilt pattern by Claire of Made Just Sew offers a crash course in working with half rectangle triangles, teaching you the techniques needed to create clean lines in this stunning design. The process is challenging yet incredibly rewarding, and you'll be amazed at the captivating results you can achieve.

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three quilts made in green and pink colours


So, whether you're a brand-new quilter excited to embark on your first quilting adventure or an experienced enthusiast looking to expand your skill set, our quilt pattern collaboration is here to guide, inspire, and empower you on your journey. With flying geese, curves, and half rectangle triangles as your allies, you'll unlock new dimensions of creativity and craftsmanship while experiencing the wellness benefits of quilting.

The path to mastering these skills is a fulfilling one, and it's a journey best undertaken with friends and a supportive community around you. Remember, in the world of quilting, there's no limit to what you can achieve when you have the support and inspiration of fellow quilters and a sense of curiosity and adventure.


With love and friendship,

Anna x



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