Nordmann Quilt Pattern and Extension - Colour and Layout Inspiration

Do you want to know how to hack the Nordmann Quilt patter?

Simple! Just use the Nordmann Quilt pattern extension! I have done all the maths for you so you can choose the best construction method that gets the most out of your fabric. Who doesn't love a low waste quilt!

Here are just a few examples of the many many many different colour layouts you can create with the Nordmann Quilt Pattern Extension.

Use the examples below to help you plan your Nordmann Quilt with the least amount of fabric wastage. The numbers below the examples relate to the instructions in the Nordmann Quilt Pattern Extension so if you like the look of any of these you'll know which ones to use in conjunction with the original Nordmann Quilt Pattern!


 Autum Gree Large Nordmann Quilt by the Hackney Quilter in Pure Solids


Large Throw size Nordmann Quilt by The Hackney Quilter in Ruby Star Society Starry fabric


Nordmann Qilt by The hackney Quilter in Ruby Star Society Red Speckled 


Bright Green Christmas nordmann quilt by the hackney quilter


Dark green christmas nordmann quilt by the hackney quilter


Ruby Star Society Rainbow Speckled Nordmann Quilt by the hackney quilter