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FEBRUARY Aurifil 8w cotton thread - Evolve collection by Suzy Quilts

FEBRUARY Aurifil 8w cotton thread - Evolve collection by Suzy Quilts

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Introducing Aurifil’s brand new, 100% cotton 8wt 2ply thread. Perfect for lovers of big stitch hand quilting and wound on an elegant white wooden spool, Aurifil’s 8wt is a 2 ply thread produced in Italy to the same standards you’ve come to know and love. For this initial launch, 8wt will be available in a palette of 20 captivating colours, spanning from the ever-popular muted neutrals to an array of inviting warm and cool hues, meticulously selected to perfectly coordinate with Suzy’s full range of Signature Solids fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics.

20 Small Spools 8wt: 2311, 2000, 5001, 2930, 2345, 2395, 2240, 2215, 2420, 2205, 6730, 2375, 2564, 2566, 4644, 2815, 2847, 2843, 2840, 2850

 20 spools x 38yds/35m

100% Mako cotton

Due to differences in screen settings, colours may differ slightly between photos and the physical product.

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Co-ordinating Signature Solids