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Aurifil Thread Labs 1.4 - 80wt & 12wt, Needleturn Appliqué and Big Stitch quilting tutorial

Aurifil Thread Labs 1.4 - 80wt & 12wt, Needleturn Appliqué and Big Stitch quilting tutorial

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Aurifil Thread Labs:4 - Needleturn Applique and Big Stitch Quilting

Featured Educators: Jo Avery

Thread Labs is a six part thread education series that tells the story of Aurifil — from it's history and unique production process to an in-depth education on their revered threads.

Everything you need is in the box, just add fabric from your stash to personalise your project!

The series is a must-have for both the Aurifil enthusiast and novice. Developed as a no-fuss educational programme, you will gain the necessary tools to more confidently create with a variety of thread weights and techniques. 

Work at your own pace: Each box presents a project designed to educate and inspire via a featured thread weight. A secure online portal plays host to exclusive content including downloadable project PDFs, educator interviews, thread tutorials, and more. 

In the box: 4 Small Spools of 80wt, 5 Small Spools of 12wt Cotton, and 5 Small Spools of 12wt Wool Threads

Exclusive content includes: 80wt & 12wt education videos by Karen L. Miller, a recorded conversation talking about technique and best practices with our featured educator, Exclusive project incorporating needle turn applique and big stitch quilting & embellishment, added value items/discount codes from Aurifil partners.

Boxes can be purchased individually or get FREE UK POSTAGE when you ORDER THE COMPLETE SET NOW

Watch Aurifilosopher Karen Miller explain more.

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