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Oliso Pro Press Link portable wool pressing mat

Oliso Pro Press Link portable wool pressing mat

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Customize your pressing area with these modular mats.

  • Made from 100% New Zealand wool, ½'' (13mm) thick, the dense wool  reflect heat, ironing both sides of the fabric simultaneously for quicker professional-level pressing.
  • The ProPress links lets you join any number of mats together to create your ideal pressing space. The links made of durable, high-quality, heat-resistant silicone are reusable over and over. Links fit snugly in the mat, creating a smooth pressing surface, and preventing the mat from sliding. Each mat is sold separately and includes four links.
  • IDEAL FOR QUILTING AND SEWING: the smooth, firm surface is excellent for blocking, embroidery, pressing seams, and everyday ironing. The natural wool fibres hold projects flat and in place, helping to prevent stretching while pressing. ProPress mats work great with Oliso Mini Project and Smart irons.
  • Contains one mat. At 14'' x 14'' (35.6cm x 35.6cm) each one is large enough for most pressing projects and convenient placement next to your sewing machine while still compact enough for easy storage and travel. Join several mats with the ProPress Link system when larger areas are needed.
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